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Metric tons of carbon dioxide eliminated.

The standard for pipeline infrastructure

Lagoon is the largest Oklahoma-based water midstream company. Founded in 2017, Lagoon develops and operates expansive midstream water infrastructure throughout the Anadarko and Permian basins.


    Lagoon is a leader in water recycling and is the first to provide commercial water recycling services in Oklahoma. Located in the heart of the STACK play, our core facility can treat 40,000-barrels-per-day and includes 1.2 million barrels of storage capacity. Across its geographic footprint, Lagoon can work with oil and gas producers to meet their water demands and to reduce the burden on freshwater resources by providing disposal alternatives and recycled water for completions operations.


    Lagoon owns and operates 21 strategically located SWDs in Oklahoma. By connecting its SWDs to an expanding network of underground pipelines, Lagoon provides reliable flow assurance to oil and gas operators while minimizing costs and environmental impacts. The state-of-the-art disposal facilities are constructed using industry-leading methods to ensure safe and environmentally friendly operations.

Prioritizing Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

HSE influences our hiring decisions and is emphasized consistently in our work. We are committed ethically, financially and personally to achieving a work environment where employees and contractors return home safely to their families every day.


Lagoon’s Operating Areas

Lagoon operates in the Anadarko Basin in Oklahoma and the Permian Basin in Texas. Our expansive water infrastructure throughout these areas provides a foundation for future growth and expansion of services to our customers.